Don’t you just hate it when you have to scramble around the bottom of your handbag to find that elusive little address book – or you miss an appointment because you left your diary behind – or your batteries have gone flat yet again in your PDA – or worse still when you arrive in the city only to find you have left your wallet at home????? sooo frustrating!

I could certainly relate to this. I was a busy nurse, building a house, developing a rural property while working full time when I said “Enough is enough; there must be a better way to keep on top of things”. This frustration was the catalyst for the design of this handbag with a built in wallet and diary/agenda. Never again would they be left at home!



Once the design was decided on I needed a name for it. Mmmm What’s in a name? Shakespeare did say “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Agreed; but the name should strike a chord within, to promote a feeling; a sense of knowing or belonging. The name Autarchy struck a chord within me. I stumbled onto it in the dictionary. It means self rule, absolute power and self sufficiency.

The Autarchy Handbag was born.

Colleagues expressed an interest in my design, so I want to share it with other busy women as well. I imagine a lot of you can relate to my frustrations with your present handbag.



I feel strongly that we have made a burden for our own backs, or should I say shoulders. Do we really need to carry that bottle of nail polish or spare sets of keys? Buy an Autarchy handbag now! Then follow these ten top tips.

Ten Top Tips to Lighten Your Load

      1. Remove excess Notes pages. You would probably only need 4 pages at a time in your Autarchy handbag. You can also remove about 6 months worth of diary pages keeping 3 months ahead and three months behind your present month. You could also keep the spare telephone/address pages at home until needed.
      2. Throw out all those collected business cards after first writing them down in a section of your address book marked for Business Cards.
      3. Start a savings plan. Every evening empty out your coins and place in a special container marked with a goal on the outside. You won’t miss the coins, your handbag will become lighter and your savings will grow!
      4. Throw out the hairbrush brush and buy a flat comb.
      5. Reduce the number of keys on your key ring. Leave some keys in the small compartments in your car instead. Hide a spare key to your house in the garden and only carry the front door key along with the car key.
      6. Throw out that dinosaur mobile phone and replace it with a lighter one.
      7. Toss out the tube of hand cream and replace it with a flat container containing a days worth only.
      8. Assess what makeup you use throughout the day and leave the rest behind at home or at work in your desk.
      9. Each evening clear the clutter from your handbag as if it is your desk. Place all receipts in a folder ready for data entry in your cash book or checking against your bank statements.
      10. Minimize your reading glasses to the ones that come in metal cigar shaped containers. These containers fit into the outer gusset of the Autarchy handbag.

Practice these tips for the next 4 weeks to make it a habit.